Friday, April 10, 2015


The next item we purchased was a special needs tricycle. I had been looking into getting him a tricycle for a long time, but the cost was between two and three thousand dollars! Much more than we could afford.

One morning while watching the news, I saw a report about an organization, AMBUCS, that helps raise funds to purchase tricycles for disabled children. I contacted them and they added Jayden to their list. Through their organization, we were able to raise the $920.00 needed to secure Jayden a tricycle, which we received in November.

This is an activity Jayden really enjoys. I am hoping that this will help him learn to take steps.  At first, we had to push him to get him familiar with the leg movements required to move the tricycle.

It wasn't long before Jayden was able to peddle himself down the driveway. It doesn't take as hard of a push from him. It is harder for him to push the peddles on the street or up the driveway.

Later I learned that the tires were extremely deflated. One of our neighbors inflated all of the tires for us and said "I bet it will be a lot easier to peddle now!" He was absolutely right! Yesterday when I took him out, he peddled down the driveway so fast I had to run to keep up. Then when we got in the street he peddled about ten feet on his own. I was amazed and excited. Unfortunately, I did not expect that and did not have a recorder with me.