Monday, April 6, 2015


The first purchase I decided to make was a HOPSA. Since we already had a track n the ceiling and a lift that we could use, I only needed the suit itself. This would allow us to get him in an upright position. We placed various textures under his feet, which we hope, he will learn to move himself from one to another. Then begin to move himself to his most favorite texture. 

 We also placed "noise makers" under his feet in hopes that he would enjoy making noise with his feet. This would start his moving in the HOPSA. As you can see, below, he really enjoyed this. He stops for a moment to process what he is doing, then laughs  and continues. He even drops the vibrating chew toy out of his mouth!


 One day, while in the HOPSA, I decided to use the resonance board like a wall for him to track along. Since there is not a wall close enough for him to reach. I held the resonance board in place as he moved, suddenly he realized that he was indeed moving himself.
In the first video, there is very little movement even after two minutes. He is also more interested in the texture belt around his waist and the chew toy in his mouth.

 The next video is short, but I found it difficult to hold the resonance board and video at the same time! It is also sideways but he moves himself and tracks along the resonance board. If I had room, I would have placed the track close to a wall.
Once he realized that he could move himself, he got very excited and moved himself up and down the track several times.  He is no longer playing with the "scratch belt" and has dropped the chew toy from his mouth. He puts all attention on moving himself.
I also used the HOPSA in combination with the UPSEE shoes in hopes to help him understand stepping and shifting weight from one foot to another. As you can see, he really enjoyed this and after a few weeks I could feel him taking steps.