Sunday, April 12, 2015

The Fun in Active Learning

Active Learning is so much fun! You get to play with your child and share in their discoveries of new things. Celebrate every new accomplishment. Since Jayden loves music, I sing to him a lot. I make up songs and tunes to fit in with what we are doing.

I call this activity our Math lesson. He is learning to count 1 to 4. He is also learning how to take a top off of a box, in and out, and empty. Also, it is important that you set them up to succeed. Since Jayden is not yet reaching into the box and picking the bells up to take them out, I am holding the box at an angle so he can knock them out.

Another activity we do everyday is bouncing, Jayden loves to bounce. I use this activity to strengthen his legs and upper body. He has to hold his upper body and his head up (which he is happy to do so he can bounce).
He will bounce for up to 15 minutes! This is a good exercise routine for him and one that he absolutely loves doing!

Even our therapist use some of the Active Learning equipment to help Jayden learn. Here Jayden is learning to pull himself toward a toy he wants to play with.
In this next video, the OT is helping Jayden learn to roll from his back to his tummy.

There is a piece of Active Learning Equipment called "The Little Room" which encourages rolling to the side. However, it is very expensive and we can not afford it. We are in the process of attempting to make one of our own.
As you can see, the room is full of noise makers, and things to explore. This room is used to help children begin to move arms and legs. The designer, Lilie Nielson, has seen children move hands, arms, legs...that they have never moved before.  It also encourages rolling and grasping, in addition to learning spatial relations.  I am excited about getting Jayden into a Little Room, hopefully very soon.